Through years of working to client briefs and a further ten years of teaching and working with images in an art school, the techniques I use (even though I work entirely in the digital domain ) are classic  processes that have not changed but just been digitized – made easier, cheaper, more accessible. Everyone takes photographs now and  something, that relatively recently was expensive and elitist has become everyday and – free – has done little to diminish the power of the image.

So while photography has been democratized, to get any further than ‘snaps’ requires something other than just a higher res camera. I think the struggle for most photographers and artists as always is finding a context and ‘voice’ and the best way I have found is to keep looking.





Artist and selected clients


San Fransico Museum of modern art. Nokia, Neutral design.Herzog and Demeuron

Dorchester Hotels. Channel news Asia.

BBC Radio 3 Late Junction albums of the year,

Music sculpters, English and pocket. Weedon sports association. Walker architects.Weedon parish. Tutor at University of  the arts Central St Martins.